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Boletos Express Online Promoter Interface

Boletos Express Online

Boletos Express now offer promoters the ability to completely manage all their ticket sales through the Promoter Interface

Why use Boletos Express Online Promoter Interface?

Staging an event can be a complex undertaking. Keeping track of event sales is an especially daunting task if you have multiple people and/or outlets making sales on your behalf. By completing all your sales through the Boletos Express Online system, you will end up with a comprehensive bookkeeping record of all ticket sales. Always have at your disposal, real-time, accurate documentation for accounting purposes and event reconciliation.

How does it work?

If your patron prefers to phone you or show up in person to purchase a ticket rather than purchasing directly from the Vtix Online web site, you simply login to your event from any location or computer to perform basic box office sales functions. The easy-to-use interface directs you to enter; the number of tickets required, basic patron information like name, phone number and email address; choose the payment type and confirm the sale. Accept multiple payment types like credit card, (Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Discovery) cash, check, comps or assign on account. If you entered an email address for the patron, the system automatically sends both you and the patron an email confirming the sale.

Who would use it?

To take advantage of this service, a typical user would be any individual, group or organization that does not have a merchant account or access to credit card processing equipment and wants to augment the Boletos Express Online service to sell tickets to their events as required. It's perfect for school functions, seminars, concerts, sporting and other entertainment events where tracking sales and cash management is a priority.

What is the cost?

If you have listed your event with Boletos Express Online, there is no additional cost for the promoter to use promoter interface. Each time you make a sale with a patron credit card; we charge $0.99 cents per ticket plus 5.5% for General Admission and 7.5% for Reserved Seating which can be passed on to the ticket buyer or absorbed in part or in whole, in the cost of the ticket. All other sales types (cash, check, comps and on account) are free.

How do I sign up?

There are no additional requirements to use promoter interface. When you list your event with Boletos Express Online, the promoter interface is automatically setup and ready to use.

For more information or contact Vtix if you have any questions.

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